Blood Money

Limited EDITION OF 20

Selection of some of the most popular PPV killers in combat sports.

15mm Basel Frame with 2mm glass

Kodak Metallic Paper - an Elegant Metallic Gloss

The high gloss surface and metallic look of the Kodak Metallic paper (235 g/m²) produce photos with extraordinary optical depth and expressiveness. The special laminate gives white and metallic objects a glossy look and augments their luminosity.

Rich Colours and Precise Details...

Double Brilliance: Crystal Clear Acrylic Glass On Kodak Metallic Paper

We use light and shatterproof acrylic glass for acrylic glass laminations of your prints on Kodak Metallic. The sturdy backboard made of aluminium Dibond ensures additional stability and durability of your work. The brilliantly shining acrylic glass highlights the impression of depth of your image and intensifies the radiance of the colours. Behind acrylic glass, the print has an even more vivid appearance and is protected additionally.

  • Glass thickness: 2mm for subtle acrylic glass effects
  • Effect: reinforced depth, radiant colours and strong contrasts
  • Protection: UV-protected for guaranteed colour brilliance and crystal clear materiality
  • Aluminium Dibond As A Backboard
  • Includes Easy To Use Aluminium Rail - Ready to hang.

15mm Black Oak Basel Frame

The “Basel” floater frame is a very professional way to present your picture. This kind of frame can be seen at leading art fairs.

There is a 7 mm gap between the picture and the frame, which gives the picture the appearance of floating. The frame is made of black Oak.

Artist Proof Information

Signed/Numbered on the front and on included certificate. 

20 prints in each edition. Each size + material/finish combination constitutes an 'Edition'.

*U.E - Unique (Altered) Editions offered upon special request.

**Artist may re-stock new editions in the future, but never the same edition once sold-out.

 Delivery Information

Each piece ships within 10 working days. I ship using DHL worldwide express delivery. The item reaches its destination within 3 working days.

Please be patient though because some prints can take longer depending on embellishments/ custom messages or if I am in studio or not. Thank you.